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Mar 16
The Role Of Indoor Plants
16 Mar, 2015. 0 Comments. Blog. Posted By: Barry Tollman
Having more indoor plants is a positive step towards replacing the worlds tree and plant population, but it is not merely a like-for-like replacement. Plants also help to purify the air, which leads to less humidity and means less air conditioning is needed to breathe indoors in the heat of summer.  In turn, less fossil fuels are burned keeping your AC on, cutting down yet more CO2 emissions. So, if you’re thinking about reducing your carbon footprint and doing something constructive towards a less polluted environment, having more indoor plants is a great place to start. If you’re unsure about which plants…
Jan 23
15 Health Benefits of House Plants
23 Jan, 2012. 0 Comments. Blog. Posted By: Barry Tollman
Just about everyone knows that plants are great for producing oxygen and contributing to a zen feeling in any environment. But did you know that they can clinically reduce stress, fight colds, remove contaminants, and even stop headaches? Read on to find out about the great health benefits associated with house plants. Plants can help fight colds: Indoor plants have been shown to reduce cold-related illnesses by more than 30%. This is due to their effect of increasing humidity levels and decreasing dust. Plants can remove airborne contaminants: We breathe the same air again and again, potentially inhaling harmful substances…