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  • Hey Barry, Just wanted to tell you how great the succies look in Westlake. I’d love all our shops to have the same ones! Thanks so much!
    Ali Webb Drybar,Founder
  • Thanks for your efforts this morning around our office….the employees love your work. In fact several of them are asking about the small plants in the glass vase…..How much would these cost if an associate would like to purchase one as a gift……? Thank you very much……You guys rock!
    Joe Dicorpo Motorcycle Association
  • It is absolutely amazing what you have done here. It looks so beautiful. We love the white planters and the rest of it. Thank you so much. Now we have to do something more with the upstairs because what we have now is not working compared to what you did with the rest of the place. We are very pleased…
    Scott Fontana Cristophe Salon