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California Plantscapes: Interior Landscape Design, Irvine

Welcome to California Plantscapes. Growing up in South Africa, owner Barry always had a passion for plants. Ever since he was a kid he had been fascinated by interior design and garden design. Barry has brought this love of plants and design to this unique business.

California Plantscapes is a full-service interior and exterior plant design company. We provide comprehensive design, installation, sales, leasing, patioscaping and maintenance services. Our full-time horticulturalist personally supervises all installation and maintenance services.

Services we provide at Plantscapes, Irvine:

    1.  Patioscaping: The California Plantscapes design team is also available to help you create an inviting patio or balcony with our variety of lush plants, succulents, flowers and unique pots and planters in Irvine.
    2.  Plantscaping Maintenance: The California Plantscapes Technician arrives in uniform to provide the TLC needed to keep your plants looking beautiful. We water, clean, trim, prune, polish and inspect the plants, making sure they are healthy.
    3.  Custom Arrangements: We create alternative to typical flower arrangements by using live succulent plants, orchids and bromeliads along with sand, pebbles and contemporary glass vessels. Unlike flower arrangements that only last a few weeks, our plants last for years with very little upkeep.
    4.  Vertical Green Walls: Vertical green walls (or vegetated walls, as they are sometime called) have been popular in Europe for many years. Whether you are looking for a vertical vegetable garden for your restaurant or a stunning succulent wall for your living room, California Plantscapes will bring the natural beauty of plants to your establishment.
    5. Professional Installation: The California Plantscapes horticulturalist personally supervises the selection of the best plants directly from the growers, near and far.

Allow California Plantscapes to introduce you to the world of plants. Celebrate life though plants by calling us today at 866-668-2929. Get in touch with one of our specialists! We service all of Orange County including Newport Beach, Irvine, San Clemente, Dana Point, Mission Viejo and Laguna Beach. We also service Los Angeles County, Riverside County and San Diego County.

About Us
California Plantscapes are interior and exterior plant design experts located in Orange County, California.
Offering professional services ranging from design, installation, maintenance, vertical plant walls, and more
We complement our custom arrangements and planter designs with unique containers sourced from around the world.

What Our Clients Have To Say

  • Hey Barry, Just wanted to tell you how great the succies look in Westlake. I’d love all our shops to have the same ones! Thanks so much!
    Ali Webb - Drybar,Founder
  • Thanks for your efforts this morning around our office….the employees love your work. In fact several of them are asking about the small plants in the glass vase…..How much would these cost if an associate would like to purchase one as a gift……? Thank you very much……You guys rock!
    Joe Dicorpo - Motorcycle Association
  • It is absolutely amazing what you have done here. It looks so beautiful. We love the white planters and the rest of it. Thank you so much. Now we have to do something more with the upstairs because what we have now is not working compared to what you did with the rest of the place. We are very pleased…
    Scott Fontana - Cristophe Salon
  • I wanted to let you know that I had many favorable comments on my yard from ladies at the shower on Saturday. They loved the pots as well as the plants. I left the pot that you made for the table in the front with the boy statue. I like it there. I am very pleased with how the yard…
    Gloria Sharp - San Clemente
  • Today I had the plants done on my front and back porches and a couple of arrangements in these beautiful handmade banana leaf containers in the inside of the house and I LOVE everything!
    Linda Latavis -

Allow California Plantscapes to introduce you to the world of Plants

Celebrating life though plants