How To Look After Moss Walls in Orange County CA

Moss walls are one of the hottest interiors trends right now. The popularity of moss walls has skyrocketed in the past few years. Moss walls are becoming an ever-increasing interior design choice in offices, schools, and even homes.

A moss wall is a low-maintenance way to inject vibrancy and life into your living area.

If you’re considering installing a moss wall in Orange County, this blog post has everything you need to know to keep your moss wall looking fresh.

What Is A Moss Wall?

When someone encounters a moss wall, their first question tends to be, “is it real?”

Yes, a moss wall is made from real moss, however, this moss is no longer a growing organism.

Moss walls are created by treating and preserving large quantities of moss. The moss is adhered to an indoor wall to create a striking bright green textured wall.

How To Look After Moss Walls

Due to moss walls not being made out of living and growing organisms, the moss wall is a low-maintenance feature. The moss wall is ideal for someone who wants to inject greenery and foliage into their space in an unusual architectural way but can’t handle the upkeep of a vertical garden.

Once your moss wall has been installed, you’re pretty much good to go. The moss wall doesn’t require water or fertilizing and is happy sitting pretty unattended to for several months.

It’s a good idea to have a professional look over your moss wall after a year. A check-up will ensure no parts of the wall are coming loose, and they can add extra preservatives to your moss wall to ensure it stays looking fresher for longer.

Alternatively, you can do this yearly maintenance yourself. Using a can of compressed air, dust away any unwanted dust or spiders webs clinging between the moss. Next, add a coat of nontoxic preservative to your wall. These simple steps will help renew your moss wall and keep it happy and healthy for longer.


One key factor you need to consider before having a moss wall installed is humidity. Moss walls are highly sensitive to humidity levels. Make sure the room your moss wall is in won’t be too hot or too humid. You can not use heaters or humidifiers in the presence of a moss wall. These appliances will dry out your wall, causing it to wither and wilt, and potentially causing moss to drop off.


The moss walls sensitivity to temperature also means certain locations aren’t suitable. These locations include outside in high-temperatures; scorching heat will fry your moss wall. Areas with dry climates and little humidity are inhabitable for moss walls in Orange County.

Overall, moss walls are a low maintenance way to add life, light, and color to your indoor space. This unusual architectural feature works well in a number of diverse locations, as long as they’re not too hot or too dry. If you check the quality of your moss every few months and add preservatives to further-protect your wall each year, you should have a long-lasting luscious green moss wall.