Professional Plant Design

A professional design consultant will visit you, the architect, designer, office manager or home owner to help create your desired interior landscaping plan. During this visit, together as a team, we will choose plants and containers to complete your overall design. We will select plants by evaluating lighting, traffic flow and your design scheme.

Professional Installation

The California Plantscapes horticulturalist personally supervises the selection of the best plants directly from the growers, near and far. At a prearranged time we will arrive at your location to deliver and expertly arrange the plants according to our design.

Plant Walls

Vertical Greenwalls or Vegetated walls, as they are sometime called, have been popular in Europe for many, many years. Whether you are looking for a vertical vegetable garden for your restaurant or a stunning succulent wall for your living room, we have the right wall and product for you. We are truly leaders in this new and exciting market.


California Plantscapes design team is also available to help you create an inviting patio or balcony with our variety of lush plants, succulents ,flowers and unique pots and planters. We can create an island feel using tropical palms and bromeliads or a desert garden using a variety of cactus and succulents.

Plantscaping Maintenance

The California Plantscapes Technician arrives in uniform to provide the TLC needed to keep your plants looking beautiful. We water, clean, trim, prune, polish and inspect the plants, making sure they are healthy. Technicians refresh the moss, clean the containers and fertilize the plants to keep the plants looking their best.

Planter Sales

California Plantscapes carries a wide variety of planters to fit your design style and environment. We source and import our planters from all over the world. From We also offer special discounts to the trade. Please refer to our container gallery for some samples of the different planter styles we carry.

Custom Arrangements

We create an alternative to typical flower arrangements by using living succulent plants , orchids, bromeliads along with sand, pebbles and contemporary glass vessels. Unlike flower arrangements that only last a few weeks, our plants last for years with very little upkeep. Please refer to our custom arrangement gallery for some samples of our designs.


Looking for a drought tolerant landscape with very little maintenance? The experts at California Plantscapes can give you just that. With the use of succulents along with different cacti and rocks we can design a garden that is drought tolerant and will require very little maintenance. Small areas only.

Completed Installations
Thriving Plants Installed/Planted
Liters of Oxygen Produced