The Different Types Of Planter Pots Available

Every plant owner wants their plants to love the home you provide for them. Picking the perfect planter pot is part of ensuring you have a happy and healthy plant.


Planter plots have a significant impact on the health and happiness of your plant. The correct planter pot needs to be big enough, but not too big, needs to allow your plant room to grow, and needs to drain any excess water.

In this article, we’re sharing the different types of planter pots in Orange County currently on the market, so you can make an informed decision on the perfect pot for your garden and your plants.

Plastic Pots

Plastic planter pots are lightweight, moisture-retaining and relatively cheap. These pots are ideal for someone on a budget and looking for practicality rather than style. The plastic planter pot will provide an extremely hospitable and transportable home for your plant to grow in.

Unfortunately, plastic planter pots aren’t the prettiest and can often look cheap and boring. In addition to this, if you live in an environment with extreme weather, the plastic planter pot is susceptible to damage and wear and tear. Plastic might not be a worthwhile investment.

Sadly, there is already too much plastic polluting our environment. If you can spare the expense, it’s more environmentally friendly to invest in planter pots made from wood, concrete, or ceramic.

Ceramic Pots

Terracotta or ceramic pots are a popular choice for those concerned with the appearance of their garden or outdoor space. Ceramic pots provide a rich and ornate home for your plants. These planters are made from porous clay which helps your plant to breath. These materials can be very fragile, and because of this, they usually only have one large draining hole on the bottom.

Stone Pots

Stone planter pots are more of an old-fashioned choice. Those that choose stone planters usually value old-fashioned aesthetics. These ornamental planters are full of character and provide a lot more aesthetic interest than the basic plastic or even terracotta pot. Stone is a heavy-duty material, meaning stone planters are ideal for heavy-weight plants or trees. If you’re choosing stone planters, be aware that moving your planter won’t be an easy job.

Wood Pots

Planter pots made from wood are increasing in popularity. Wood is an extremely porous and breathable material, ideal for growing plants and retaining water. Being a light-weight material means you’ll easily be able to transport your plants and reorganize your space.

Be aware that wood is prone to rotting. If you’re investing in wood planter pots in Orange County, make sure they’re made with rot-resistant wood.

There are pros and cons to all types of planter pots. Ultimately, it’s your decision how you want to house your plants. For those on a budget, plastic might be the best option. If you’re hoping to build a beautiful and ornate garden, stone or ceramic might suit your needs best. Whichever style of planter pot you choose, as long as you’re caring for and looking after your plants, you’re guaranteed a garden brimming with happy and healthy plants.