What To Consider When Investing In Indoor Plants In Orange County CA

There’s a lot to consider when filling your home with luscious living greenery. We all want to live in a botanical paradise, but many of us are overlooking how to correctly care for the living things we bring into our homes.

Indoor plants have been a hot interiors trend since the nineteen-eighties. It’s no wonder that now, after so long spent indoors, we want to bring some of the liveliness of the outdoors in. Indoor houseplants are one of the best ways to add color, energy, and fresh air to your living space.

The benefits of indoor plants are endless, but this isn’t an effortless pursuit; owning houseplants can be a lot of work. You need to make sure you’re providing a hospitable environment for all your houseplants.

In this article we’re highlighting what you need to consider before filling your living space with indoor plants.


Light is a necessity for your indoor houseplants. Photosynthesis requires light exposure to help your plant grow. Before buying a new houseplant, you must consider if you’re going to be able to provide the light this indoor plant requires.

If you’re investing in a plant that needs partial-sunlight exposure, the best way to provide this is by placing your plant on a west or east facing window.

A small number of indoor houseplants require low light or full shade environments. If you’re buying a plant with these needs, you can position them on a north-facing window, ideally in a room with small or no windows.

Foliage and flowering plants usually require direct sunlight. The best place to position these plants is a few feet back from a south-facing window. If you have a large east or west-facing window, you can position your plant here too.

Before buying your new indoor plant in Orange County, make sure to consider if your home can provide the light exposure this plant needs.


Plants originate from all across the globe. Some plants are from the dry, hot desert, and others are from ice-cold environments. Although many modern plants can exist in a variety of temperatures, you still need to understand your plant and its ideal temperature.

The succulent is a plant that’s traditionally from the dessert. Today, the succulent exists in homes all across the globe, not just in environments with intense heat. Despite their resilience, the succulent still needs sunlight and warm temperatures. If you live in an environment where it’s cold, with minimal to no sunlight, the succulent isn’t the ideal indoor plant to have in your home.


As is the case with all living things, indoor houseplants grow. Over time, your indoor plant could grow to be triple the size it is when you bought it. Before investing in your indoor houseplant, make sure to research how big your plant is likely to get. Make sure you have the space to house your plant once it’s fully grown.

Nurturing and caring for indoor houseplants not only livens up your living environment but can also be profoundly beneficial to your mental health and wellbeing. We fully encourage bringing light and life into your home with indoor plants in Orange County CA! However, before you head to your local garden store or plant nursery, make sure you’ve done your research and that you and your future plant are a perfect fit.