How To Look After Your Potted Plants in Orange County CA

Everyone loves potted plants. Botanical interiors have been a popular trend for decades, and they’re not going anywhere soon.

Despite the ever-increasing popularity of potted plants, many plant owners fail to take the time to learn about and properly tend to their potted plants. Every plant is different, and therefore, every plant has different needs. As a plant owner, it’s your responsibility to learn about these needs.

In this blog post, we’re giving a brief overview of the things you need to consider as a potted plant owner.


Soil is your plant’s lifeline. Imagine soil being the equivalent to the food you eat and the air you breathe. For optimum health, you want the best food and the cleanest air. The same applies to your plant’s soil. Keeping your plants soil in good condition will impact how healthy and happy your plant is. Aim for moist soil. Plants don’t want soil that’s too wet or too dry.


Plants survive and grow using a process called photosynthesis. Photosynthesis involves turning light into energy. Without enough light, your plant won’t be able to engage in the photosynthesis process, won’t get enough carbohydrates, and will die as a result. Light is vital for any potted plant. Make sure your plant isn’t put in an overly shady place.

Whilst some plants like shade more than others, they all require a level of light exposure. Learn how much light your potted plant needs and position it accordingly.


As mentioned previously, potted plants don’t like to be too wet or too dry. Watering is key to your plant’s survival, but there is a danger of overwatering your plant too. Be cautious of how much water you’re giving your plant. Research how often your plant needs watering and water them accordingly. Place your potted plants in drainage pots to ensure they don’t develop root rot if you do overwater them. After watering your plant, check to see if any excess water has drained through and dispose of this.


Different plants originate from different climates. Plants are grown and found all across the world. Thanks to the marvels of the modern world, we’re able to transport these plants to different locations. The succulent is an example of this. Traditionally, succulents come from warm and dry environments. Today, you can find well-nurtured succulents on window sills across the globe.

Despite our agricultural advancements, these plants remain true to their natural instincts. A succulent won’t thank you for a freezing cold room. When buying a new plant, learn what the optimum temperature for this plant is.

In Orange County, Potted plants are a wonderful accessory to any home or garden, as long as you look after them correctly. Like all living things, every plant is unique. Water, soil, light, and temperature are key components of a plant’s survival. However, the type of plant you own will depend on the conditions it needs to survive in. Make sure you educate yourself on the individual needs of your plants and treat them accordingly.