How To Care For Indoor Succulent Gardens in Orange County CA

Over the past few years, the popularity of indoor plants has skyrocketed. More people than ever before are adopting indoor plants and nurturing vibrant indoor gardens. The succulent is one of the most popular indoor plants. A collection of different succulent types can create a beautifully unique indoor succulent garden.

The humble succulent originates from warmer climates, and as a result, is a somewhat low-maintenance plant to own― perfect for the plant owning novice. Although the succulent is a pretty robust plant, there is still vital information you need to know on how to care for your indoor succulent gardens.

In this article, we’re sharing how easy it is to care for succulent gardens indoor in Orange County.

Make Sure They Get Enough Light

The succulent originates from pretty harsh environments. These tough plants can go long periods without water and face some of the harshest environments whilst doing so.

This means, generally, the succulent is a pretty easy plant to care for; they require just a few things to survive indoors. One of these requirements being sunlight. Succulents grow using light exposure, therefore, it’s imperative your indoor succulent gardens gets enough natural light exposure.

Place your succulent garden in an area that receives upwards of six hours of natural light per day.

Don’t Over Water

As mentioned previously, the succulent originates from areas with harsher climates than those inside your home. As a result of these harsh climates, succulents have become pretty resistant.  Succulents can go for several days without being watered. Rather than worrying about underwatering a succulent, you should be concerned with overwatering them.

Compared to your other houseplants, your succulent garden will require substantially less water. Water your succulent garden every seven to fourteen days. Before watering your succulent, make sure the soil has dried out.

Place Them In A Drainage Container

To help control the levels of water your succulent absorbs, place them in a drainage pot. Drainage pots have small holes on the bottom that help let any excess water drain out.

Succulents hold water in their stems, leaves and roots. If excess water is in their pot, your succulent will try to absorb it. Over absorption can result in your succulent turning to mush and dying as a result. If you’ve overwatered your succulent garden, make sure to drain any excess water out.

Rotate Your Succulents

If one side of your succulent garden receives more sunlight than the other, this could cause your succulents to grow unevenly. To avoid growing lopsided succulents, rotate your succulent garden often. All succulents in your garden must receive the same amount of sunlight. Failure to do this will cause part of your garden to look more fresh and vibrant than the other.

Succulents are one of the most low maintenance indoor plants you can own.  Their vibrant colours, intricate shapes, and diverse sizes make succulents the ideal plant for an indoor garden.

Whether your home lacks outdoor space, or you simply want to bring the outdoors in, succulents are ideal for adding life to your interior environment. To make the most out of your indoor succulent gardens in Orange County, make sure to look after your succulents in the right way. Follow the simple steps in this blog post and you’re guaranteed to have healthy and happy indoor succulent gardens.